System Digital
Space required 358 x 189 cm
Average lanes length 8,00 m
2 Vehicles provided 2
2 + Number of players 2 +
Wireless Controllers Yes
1/24 Scale 1/24

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Unique 1:24 scale, tracks and cars with tactical races digital technology with overtake and change lanes at FULL SPEED with the push of a button for up to 4 cars. Track can be expanded from 4-, 6- up to 8-lanes.

Most cars with front light (xenon) and rear/brake light and compatible with Exclusiv Series (analog system). Cars easily coded with speed controller.

Wide tracks with power slide shoulders for sensational drifts and power slide action. Stainless U-profi les using Nirosta high-grade steel, no driving vibrations due to rigid synthetic material with stable track system and flexible track connecting sections for perfect track contact.

You can run your vehicles in 1/32 scale on this circuit, for this you have to take the Transformer 14,8V - 3,5 Amp.

Complete set containing :

Files attached

23612 Instruction manual

Technical sheet



Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital



Headlights, tail lights and brake lights

Number of track


Number of borders


Number of barriers


Space required

358 x 189 cm

Average lanes length

8,00 m

Vehicles provided


Number of players

2 +


Carrera DIGITAL 30352 Control Unit

Wireless Controllers


Power supply

18 Volts --- 3 Amperes





Year of Production


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