Par où commencer pour choisir un circuit ?

Where to start when choosing a circuit?

We have the largest range of Carrera/Policar/Scalextric circuits available anywhere in Europe! From a basic circuit to a tailor-made circuit at €1,500! We've broken down the main differences of the circuits below so you can see the particularities between the different types.

What size/scale to choose?

There are 4 basic scales in the Slot Car world (remember that the most common is 1/32):

  • The smallest 1/64 size of the Micro Scalextric circuits is the scale for young racers that will come closest to the train. Parts are not widely available but these circuits will allow you to have a miniature Slot Car circuit next to a train in a very small footprint.

  • The small 1/43 size of the Carrera GO!!! is the size dedicated to children. It is an alternative to Micro Scalextric with better value for money. The cars are bigger, more detailed and the track layout generally more interesting. Catchy themes and accessories will allow you to have fun on these action circuits.
  • The main 1/32 size is the base scale in the Slot Car. Most manufacturers offer cars in this scale and the main circuits will also be in this scale.

  • The large 1/24 size is a premium range rather focused for adults. The details of the cars is higher but the price too.





Analog or Digital ?

  • Analog is Slot Car racing as you know it. One track, 2 lanes, 2 cars and one person drives each car on a single lane. Analog uses the same tracks as Digital, but the power base, hand controllers, and power supply will be different.
    It is possible to upgrade your Analog circuit to Digital by purchasing the components separately, but this will be more expensive. If you plan to switch to Digital in the future, we advise you to take the Digital circuit directly.

  • The Digital uses the same track size as the Analog cars, but the cars are electronically chipped to allow better control of the car and specific sections of the track. A Digital circuit will include a power base that can control up to 6 cars, meaning 6 cars can be used at a time on the standard 2-lane track, with each of the 6 controllers independently controlling one car.

    One of the main features of the Digital is the lane changes. These are sections of track where you can switch from one track to another by pressing a button on the remote control. You press a button on the controller at a certain point on the track and a mechanical part on the track flips and the car changes lanes. Then the track returns straight so that any car following you continues on the normal straight path.
    The addition of lane changes adds a big dimension to racing where you can overtake and block other cars on the track. You can also use lane changes and pit lane entries to extend and widen the track in 3 or 4 lane sections.

    Please note that cars must be equipped with a Digital chip in order to run on these circuits.

Carrera, Policar or Scalextric ?

Ultimately, all 3 brands work on the same basic principle and you'll probably be happy with one or the other. However, there are several scenarios where we recommend one over the other.

Carrera D124Carrera D132

Carrera DIGITAL 132/124

Carrera has for some years become the largest slot car brand in the world - with a large market share in Europe and the United States. Their product line matches that of Scalextric and offers more upgrade options in several ways.

  • Better quality and more rigorous Digital system.
  • A wider track that will be better for racing and allows you to race 1/32 or 1/24 cars to provide two entirely different racing experiences (you will need to adapt your diet accordingly).
  • 100% digital circuit that will provide more functionality with different lane changes, 6 possible ghost cars, lap counting in the Pit Lane, Safety Car, car lighting control, etc.
  • The wireless controllers are rechargeable and have their own charging station
  • The tracks are made of stainless steel and will not corrode over time
  • Tracks are stiffer and better for elevated sections
  • Track connections are more secure
  • Wider track slots (easier to get the car back on the track)
  • Car settings and the start of races can be done without the use of additional software or an app.
  • Improved functionality for serious racing (sector times, pit lane entry and exit detection, etc.)



New arrival, this brand rather dedicated to clubs offers analog circuits with a good track grip that will allow you to do the best lap times (little drift possible). They are now the replacements for the old circuit brand Ninco.

  • Circuits 100% analog and without electronics.
  • The tracks have a good grip which will be good for clubs or rally type races.
  • A lap counter from another brand must be added if you wish to race (example: DS-Racing).

Scalextric Arc Pro

Scalextric ARC PRO

This is the best known Slot car brand of our formers since it was since 1960 the most popular brand in the world with quality Slot circuits that some of you still have in the attic. Today it has a wide range of products designed for children and adults.

  • Allows you to play with either Analog or Digital cars on the same circuit without changing powerbase.
  • Suitable for collectors with a large amount of cars that cannot be digitized but still want to play with new cars in Digital.
  • The small track is better for tight spaces because the tracks have a greater curvature (good for twisty circuits).
  • The tracks are more flexible and easier to assemble. They are also stronger and less brittle.

Scalextric Arc Air

Scalextric ARC AIR

  • The Analog circuit with the best features.
  • Allows you to have a lap counter (via a free application).
  • Clamping the power of cars possible
  • Allows you to have wireless controllers.

Which circuit should I buy?

  • Circuits under 40 € for children from 3 years old: We recommend Carrera FIRST This range has the advantage of being economical and running on batteries (safe to leave it available for a child).

  • Circuits under 70 € for children from 6 years old: We recommend Carrera GO!!! This range is significantly larger than Scalextric's "Micro" range, with a good selection of track extensions and many additional cars available for purchase.

  • When space is tight: We recommend Scalextric ARC. Scalextric tracks are considerably smaller and are available in tighter radius turns. This means you can usually fit more tracks in a smaller space.

  • Great tracks for older kids and adults: We recommend Carrera DIGITAL 132 as the Carrera range is better equipped for Digital features and offers the option to upgrade to 1:24 cars in the future.

  • "Carrera Evolution" vs "Scalextric Standard": If you want to stay in Analogue, we recommend the Scalextric Standard range which will take up less space while having the same functionalities. You can even have the adjustment of the speed of the cars (on certain circuits).

  • We have a considerable range of circuits. We stock the full range of Carrera, Policar and Scalextric circuits, but also offer our own circuits assembled by Slot Car-Union. Our big budget tours usually offer much better value for money and a much more exciting track layout!