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The Position Tower informs the driver on the current race position and the laps driven by the leading car. The two-digit segment display for indicating the number of laps can display a maximum of 299 laps. The hundreds are displayed by dots bottom right in the respective segment.

The Position Tower comes with an Adapter Unit by means of which it is integrated into the racetrack. The Adapter Unit is equivalent to the length of a standard straight and thus can be positioned at any place within the track layout.

In combination with the Position Tower, the Autonomous Car is always displayed address 7, the Pace Car address 8.

Only be used with the Control Unit 30352.

This accessory is compatible with the following systems :

  • Carrera DIGITAL 124
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132

Files attached

30357 Instruction manual

Technical sheet

Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital



34,5 cm

Number of track


Number of players



Carrera DIGITAL 30352 Control Unit



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Asked byJérémie,  on 22/10/2017
Est-il possible de mettre plusieurs tours d'affichage sur un même circuit ?
Answer bySlot Car-Union

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