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Launched in 1964, the Ford Mustang was a trend setter. Relatively compact, the car was aimed at young people for its affordability and sporty nature. The product was so successful it was the most successful vehicle launch since the 1927 Model A and sold a million cars in less than two years.  It even created a class all its own, called the “pony” car.

Of course, more is always better and by mid-1964 Lee Iaccoca sought out Carroll Shelby to create a racing version of the Mustang. Shelby had only months to build a better handling, harder-hitting powerhouse if it was to compete as a B Production SCCA race car. For extra drama, qualifying for the SCCA class required production of no less than 100 street-legal examples.

Engineered by Chuck Cantwell, Ken Miles helmed the mechanical development with designer Peter Brock on the graphics. They were completed just in time for the 1965 season. With a 289 cubic inch V8 engine delivering 306 horsepower, the race car performed like a champ and won the B Production National Championships in 1965 and 1966. In fact, they beat Shelby’s own Cobras! And the streetcar? They made over 2,300 in those two years.

Now AFX brings the Shelby Mustang to life with its white body donning original Guardsman Blue metallic race stripes and chrome wheels.

CHÂSSIS : Mega G+ LONG Wheelbase Chassis (1.7″)

Châssis Mega G+

Mega G+ Chassis

Smoother, more consistent, and more intuitive than any car we’ve ever built, the Mega G+ chassis is the ultimate driving machine. It runs faster and handles better than the competition and continues AFX’s reign of the most realistic HO cars on earth.

Not only is it up to 35% lighter than any other HO chassis. Having the lowest center of gravity of all competitors means it corners like a dream. But the cherry on top is the ability to create super realistic car bodies thanks to the Mega G+ being the narrowest, lowest chassis ever made.

Still don’t believe us? Here’s the facts...

  • Stronger Pick Up Shoes have stronger contact for more consistent power
  • The AFX Exclusive Extra-Long Tapered Guide Pin keeps the car on track longer
  • Level 30 Neodymium Ground Effects Magnets keep the car glued to the track
  • An FN20 Advanced Power Unit is energy efficient, smooth, quiet, and consistent
  • The Nylatron Chassis Material has just enough flex for super durability
  • High Carbon Power Unit Brushes last longer than composite brushes
  • The New Redundant Power Transfer System improved durability and drivability

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