23 Race Car Number 23
System Analog
Motor mount Sidewinder
Transmission Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)
1:32 Scale 1:32

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NSR Historic Line - The cars that made the history of motorsport
LeMans, Nurburgring, Sebring, Daytona...
The Historic Line was born from the desire to enhance the cars that contributed to making motorsport history on the most important tracks.
It is a tribute to those cars who have made this sport great and who have given thousands emotions to all motorsport lovers.

These sets are "limited edition", only 999 pieces are available over the world for each car.
They comes with 3 informative cards and with NSR warrenty seal:

  1. NSR card with company history
  2. Technical card with car silhouette, limited edition number and short description of the car and its position in the race.
  3. Thank you card for the purchase

NSR's objective is to make a Classic car using modern technology, so high tech "Ready To Race". It needed to be competitive straight out the box.
The Porsche 917/10K is an innovative model with high tech components, highly performing on track still respecting the scale modellistic aspect. The Porsche 917/10K comes in sidewinder setup.

The motor is Shark 21.5 EVO which has 21900 rpm @ 12 Volts 164 gr/cm.

The special aluminium rims with AIR SYSTEM technology, along with soft compound tyres, give an exceptional grip on any kind of track surface.

The Porsche 917/10K is the most competitive 1/32nd scale model.
NSR organises endurance races in any Country where NSR exports cooperating with National Distributors and involving either professional drivers then any enthusiastic fan.
All NSR cars are produced and tested exclusively into NSR Factory and only.

Description of spare parts

Technical sheet


Porsche (Official)

Race Car Number


Race Year

Out of competition





Compatible Analog


Carrera DIGITAL conversion

FT-Slottechnik SCD2022

Scalextric Digital conversion

Slot.it SP15c

Guide blades type

NSR 4841

Motor mount



NSR 3041 SHARK 21.5 EVO 21900 rpm - 164 g.cm @ 12V


Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)

Gear ratio

11:32 (Pinion 11 teeth - Crown 32 teeth)






NSR 4828


134 mm


30,8 mm


65 mm


75,8 mm

Rear Tire

NSR 5292 21x12,5

Front Tires

NSR 5238 18,5x10

Axle width

49 mm



Year of Production


Product Upgrade

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