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Pc Lap Counter

Lap timing software for slot racing (license key sent by email)
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    Download Pc Lap Counter demo version

    Pc Lap Counter work on windows XP, 2000, Vista, windows 7 and windows 8 (but not on windows 8 RT).
    Pc Lap Counter v5.xx not work on windows 98 (same for windows ME).

    Demo version is full functionnality but limited to 10 laps, to start a race just do this :

    • Download Pc Lap Counter demo (via the link www.pclapcounter.be/Pc_Lap_counter.exe).
    • Start Pc Lap Counter program.
    • Click on the ‘New race...’ button and Click on the ‘OK’ button.
    • Click on the ‘START’ button.
    • To simulate laps use keyboard key :
      TRACK 1 to 10 : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 and TRACK 11 to 16 function key F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6 (more keyboard shortcuts here).

    You will find all the news and useful software downloads on www.pclapcounter.be.

    Buy Pc Lap Counter (lap timer software, license key by e-mail)

    Before buying a license key try the Demo version with your material.

    After payment reception, the order process will automatically send you a CD code by email. You use this CD code to get your license key on the developer's website. This license key will allow you to unlock your Pc Lap Counter demo version into a full version (instructions are included in the email).

    Terms and conditions of use of the Pc lap Counter license available here : http://www.pclapcounter.be/license.html.

    Pc Lap Counter Features

    General :

    • Can control up to 32 cars.
    • New graphical interface displaying many information like total laps, lap in the segment, current and previous lap time, average, gap, best lap, reaction time and more...
    • User can change the display setting, more...
    • Separate large display with custom fonts colors, more...
    • Live timing system, more...
    • Multi channel sound engine with general sound and sound per driver, more...
    • Lap time Speech and announce, more...
    • Race time left announcement, more...
    • Driver manager, more...
    • Car manager, more...
    • Track manager, more...
    • Race data is automatically saved during the race and can be loaded later.
    • User can translate Pc Lap Counter in other language and also change existing translation, more...

    Race :

    • Race in time with segment and inter-segment, race in laps , team race, serie race, rally race, qualification and practice session, more...
    • Heats editor, more...
    • Championship manager include setup of Grand Prix , points by position, points for fastest lap, more...
    • False start detection.
    • Stop & Go management, more...
    • Fuel management and pit stop (for digital and analogic track).
    • During the race you can change driver, add/remove laps, apply stop & go penalty, more...
    • During the race you can apply yellow flag / pace car, more...
    • Manage Ghosts cars / pacer drivers, more...

    Statistics :

    • Race data saved into a Micrsosoft Access Database, more...
    • Statistics by track, lane , driver, car ...all with chart, more...
    • Detail of all drivers laps, more...

    Hardware :

    • Compatible with many hardware, more...
    • Pc Lap Counter can send/receive commands from a com port.
    • Starting lights on monitor and external lights by using extra hardware.
    • Possibility to lights up other light by using extra hardware.
    • Can control the track power on analogue track by using extra hardware.
    • Control the track power on digital track without extra hardware (only with Scalextric C7030 Pb-Pro, Scalextric C7042 and Slot.it oXigen).
    • Start / pause / resume the race by using the powerbase button and/or by using extra hardware.
    • Track call by using hand controller (only with Scalextric PB-Pro and scalextric C7042) and/or by using extra hardware.
    • Reduce the max speed of the cars base on the fuel tank level (only with Scalextric C7030 PB-Pro, Scalextric C7042, Slot.it oXigen).
    • Detect Pit stop by using the pit lane accessory of the manufacturer or by using extra hardware.
    • Reduce the max speed of the cars in the pit lane (only with Scalextric C7042 and Slot.it oXigen).
    • Reduce the max speed during Yellow flag/pace car (only with Scalextric C7030 Pb-Pro, Scalextric C7042, Slot.it oXigen).
    • Change drivers and cars during the race by using RFID card.

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        Question par vincent,  on 24/03/2017
        J'aimerais savoir si avec le PC Lap Counter vous envoyez un CD pour l'installer ?
        Réponse par Slot Car-Union
        Pc Lap Counter est fournie en version numérique sans CD. Le logiciel est celui que vous installez en version démo. Nous vous fournissons un CD Code qui vous permettra d’obtenir votre Clé d’Activation du logiciel.

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