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The PC Unit can be used to read out the data from the Lap Counter (30342) or Control Unit (30352) and show them on the computer screen. To use the PC Unit (30349) the following components are also needed :

  1. either the Control Unit (30352) and a PC or notebook.
  2. or Black Box (30344), electronic Lap Counter (30342) and a PC or notebook.


The PC Unit offers the following functions :

  • Access to driver and car databases.
  • lap racing.
  • time racing.
  • display of driver and car position (up to six drivers, plus 1 Autonomous Car and 1 Pace Car), driver and car name, pictures of drivers and cars, best lap time, time of the last lap, number of completed laps.

Software in ENGLISH.

This accessory is compatible with the following systems :

  • Carrera DIGITAL 124
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132

Files attached

30349 Instruction manual

Technical sheet

Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital


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Asked byPascal,  on 24/03/2018
S’agit-il d’une version complète du logiciel ou uniquement d’une version de démo ?
Answer bySlot Car-Union
Il s'agit de la version complète du logiciel de gestion de course Carrera.
Asked byPascal,  on 01/03/2018
Le logiciel fonctionne-t-il avec Windows 7 ?
Answer bySlot Car-Union
Asked byfranck,  on 05/06/2017
Est-ce que ce produit fonctionne sous Windows 10 ?
Answer bySlot Car-Union
Oui, le logiciel fonctionne sur Windows 10.

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