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Add fun to any Scalextric Digital layout with the Digital Pit Lane Game.

Select up to three pit stops per race. The pits will open randomly for ten seconds at a time. Pit Stop Closed operates randomly between 15 to 30 seconds. Enter the pits when open to extinguish one Pit Stop light, but take care, if you enter the pits when they are closed you will receive an extra Pit Stop penalty!

Extinguish all pit stop lights first to win the game.

The Digital Pit Lane Game is powered from the track. No batteries required.

For use with the tracks C7014 Pit Lane Track (Left Hand) and C7015 Pit Lane Track (Right Hand).

Suitable for use with Digital Powerbase 4 Cars et C7042 Digital Advanced 6 Car Powerbase.

Suitable for use in conjunction with the C7039 Digital Lap Counter.

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175 mm

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