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Slot.it has further improved the revolutionary concept of the Flat-6 motor. Two new versions are now available of this compact and lightweight long can engine. Both of them have been improved in torque, power and braking force, by using a new kind of steel.

The milder evolution is the FLAT-6 S, which has an orange label. The other great innovation is the case with two different openings, allowing to
switch between lower or higher magnetic traction. The 'S' is designed to give a moderated magnetic effect.

Delivered without motor pinion and silicone cables.

Technical sheet

Revolutions per minute (RPM)

22500 @ 12V


230 g*cm

Can type

Long can (FK-180) Boxer

Axle width

2 mm

Product Upgrade

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Slot.it MN14h Flat-6 RS 25000 RPM 240g*cm
Réf : MN14h
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