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A set of paired magnetic set squares.

Simply pull apart, place inside and outside your 90 degree corner and snap into place.

The snap and glue set squares hold the two pieces of plastic in place and allow you to glue them at the right angle without further worry.

After curing of the adhesive do remove easily the Snap & Glue angle magnets.

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Proses PR-SS-01 Snap & Glue Magnetic Clamps (4 pcs)
Réf : PR-SS-01
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Proses PR-SS-03 Hold & Glue! Right Angle Holders...
Réf : PR-SS-03
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Proses PR-SS-04 Snap & Glue Adjustable Angle...
Réf : PR-SS-04
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Proses PR-SS-05 Snap & Glue Set "Your Third Hand...
Réf : PR-SS-05
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