System Analog
Space required 105 x 61 cm
Average lanes length 2,72 m
2 Vehicles provided 2
2 Number of players 2
Wireless Controllers No
1/64 Scale 1/64

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The first and only Team GB Velodrome Cycling Set

Cycling has featured in every Summer Olympic Games since the start of the modern Olympic movement in 1896. The award-winning London Velopark was built for the 2012 Summer Olympics, the first instance of the games to see men and women compete in the same number of events in all cycling disciplines. Scalextric's Team GB Velodrome Cycling set follows the traditional slot racing format, but instead of using cars there are two miniature cyclists. The set features a banked oval track, with two challenging chicanes to test your nerve. It features two Team GB Olympic cyclists and is an official product of Team GB.

Super Resistant Team GB cyclists

The two bicycles have different coloured bases so racers can easily identify their cyclists. The bicycles function the same as slot cars in other Scalextric sets (in fact both are even built for Easy Change Pick-ups and include Magnatraction) and are controlled using standard Scalextric C8229 Hand Controller supplied in the set.

Technical sheet



Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital




Space required

105 x 61 cm

Average lanes length

2,72 m

Vehicles provided


Number of players



Micro Scalextric Mains Powered

Wireless Controllers




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