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These signs give racing drivers help in finding their braking points by indicating how far it is to the next corner.

In recent years, at a number of the F1 circuits (e.g. Malaysia) use smaller versions of these markers with white numbers on a black background have been placed alongside the track on the approaches to corners. Some circuits have similar sized boards but with black numbers on a white background. They are also available in the pack that contains 10 boards.

Some glue for sticking paper to plastic is needed.

Tip : You may want to paint the base of the board or decorate it with other modelling materials (e.g. scatter or flock) so it blends in with your circuit. All you need to do is match the colour or texture to where you want to put the sign.

Contains :

  • x10 Marker boards (25 mm x 15 mm) on bases.
  • x1 Sheet of white paper with black numbers.
  • x1 Sheet of black paper with white numbers.
  • x7 Values of points different braking from 50 m to 350 m.

Technical sheet


25 mm


15 mm



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