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Yoshi goes up in the air!

Mario™'s best friend also keeps him company in the air, with rotors around 19 cm in diameter on his back to explore the world together. Yoshi™'s daring flights can last up to five minutes before he has to make his way back to the charging station for a thirty-minute break.

Carrera & Nintendo Mario Kart™

Probably the most famous plumbers in the digital world are ready in their Karts, waiting to cruise along the racetrack, road and air with their friends.

Ready for flyingReady for flying
Quadrocopter, Controller, Battery, USB-Cable.
2.4 GHz technology2.4 GHz technology
The 2.4 GHz technology makes simultaneous, frequency-independent driving with several flying machines possible.
Drive functionDrive function
Digitally proportional.
For charging via the PC USB port.
IndoorIndoorErgonomic control setErgonomic control set
flying time
env. 5 minutes
charging time
env. 30 minutes
rotor diameter
approx. 19,5 cm
level of difficulty


Super Mario™ Carrera RC Sky and Sea

Mario Kart™ takes off: in the quadrocopter he can enjoy his flight with a cage protecting the rotors, a 6-axis revolution system and aerial stability. As Flying Cape Mario is kept company in the air by his best friend Yoshi: from now on both of them can fly through the living room and playroom with the rotors fixed to their backs.

Super Mario™ Carrera RC Sky and Sea

Technical sheet




10 cm



Type of transmitter


Main rotor diameter

19,5 cm


Li-Po 3,7 Volts --- 180 mAh



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Carrera RC Super Mario™ - Flying Cape Mario
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