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Allows the creation of alternative track routes, for example a single lane rally extension track to a current layout, or converts 2 lanes into 1 lane or converts 2 lanes in to 3 lanes or more. There is no limit to the amount of additional lanes you can add.

Total length of the two tracks : 138 cm (4 Standard Straight).

Carrera DIGITAL 30350 Narrow Left also available.

This accessory is compatible with the following systems :

  • Carrera DIGITAL 124
  • Carrera DIGITAL 132

Technical sheet

Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital



4 x 345 mm

Number of track




Produit Upgrade

In stock

Carrera DIGITAL 30350 Narrow Left
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In stock

Carrera DIGITAL 30341 Single Lane Straight
Réf : 20030341
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In stock

Carrera 20603 Borders for Narrow
Réf : 20020603
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