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Analogue controller with 55 Ohms resistor.
Available in different colors to choose from : yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, red, transparent or black.

  • Controller equipped with 3 cables which must be connected to a connector compatible with your powerbase.
  • Long lasting cooper contact. with 18 sections.
  • Operating voltage is between 10 and 20 DC volts.
  • Useful for 1 or 2 finger driver style.
  • "DS Type Ergonomic Handle" provides comfortable use for extended play times.
  • 2 selectable spring tension.
  • Superflex internal wire.
  • 90cm long wire.
  • Wire bending protection.

Choose the right OHM
All DS controllers produce the same maximum power. Ohm is simply the sensitivity of the controller. For example, 15 Ohms is the most sensitive (faster throttle response) and 55 Ohms will be the least sensitive. For domestic Carrera GO circuits we recommend 55 Ohms, for Scalextric 35 Ohms and for club racing 25 Ohms, but it all depends on the track setup and the rider's preferences.

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Wireless Controllers


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