Where to start when choosing a racing set?

How to choose your Racing Set?

Choosing the right Slot Car racing set is essential to fully enjoy this exciting activity. This guide will help you make an informed choice by considering different scales, analog and digital options, and the main brands available.

What size/scale to choose?

There are four main scales in the world of Slot Car racing (note that the most common is 1:32):

  • 1:64 : The smallest size, represented by AFX Racing sets for adults and Micro Scalextric for children. It is the scale closest to model trains. Parts are not very common, but they allow for compact racing sets next to a miniature train.

  • 1:43 : Carrera GO!!! racing sets are perfect for children. It is an alternative to Micro Scalextric offering better value for money. The cars are larger and more detailed, with more interesting track layouts and many themed accessories.

  • 1:32: The most common scale for adults and clubs, offering a good balance between detail and cost. Most manufacturers offer cars in this scale.

  • 1:24: A premium range for enthusiasts and clubs, with highly detailed cars but at a higher price.





Analog or Digital ?

  • Analog : The classic form of Slot Car racing with one track, two lanes, and two cars. Analog uses the same rails as digital, but the power bases and controllers are different. It is possible to upgrade your analog racing set to digital by purchasing the components separately, but this is more expensive. If you plan to switch to Digital in the future, we recommend choosing a Digital racing set right away.

  • Digital : Uses the same track size as analog cars, but the cars are equipped with an electronic chip for better configuration and control of specific sections of the track. A digital racing set can control up to six cars, with advanced features like lane changes, ghost cars, lap counting, and car lighting control.

    One of the main features of digital is lane changes. By pressing a button on the remote, a mechanical part on the rail allows the car to change lanes, adding a strategic dimension to the race.

Choosing between AFX Racing, Carrera, Policar, or Scalextric?

Each brand operates on the same basic principle, and you will likely be satisfied with any of them. However, there are several scenarios where we recommend one over the other.

AFX Racing

AFX Racing

Known for its compact 1:64 scale racing sets, offering excellent aesthetic and mechanical quality. Their 1:64 cars, often mistaken for 1:32 cars, confirm the high level of detail brought to the products of this brand.

  • Very good quality both aesthetically and mechanically.
  • Low footprint.
  • Appeals to both adults and children.
  • Several speed levels available.

Carrera D124Carrera D132

Carrera DIGITAL 132/124

Carrera has become the largest Slot Car brand in the world in recent years. Their product range matches Scalextric and offers more development options in many respects.

  • Better quality and more rigorous Digital system.
  • A wider track that is better for racing and allows running with 1:32 or 1:24 cars to offer two entirely different racing experiences (you will need to adapt your power supply accordingly).
  • 100% digital racing set offering more features with various lane changes, up to six ghost cars, lap counting in the Pit Lane, Safety Car, car lighting control, etc.
  • Wireless controllers are rechargeable and have their own charging station.
  • Stainless steel rails that will not corrode over time.
  • More rigid rails, better for elevated sections.
  • More secure lane connections.
  • Wider track slots (easier to get the car back on the track).
  • Car settings and race starts can be done without using additional software or an app.
  • Better functionality for serious racing (sector times, Pit Lane entry and exit detection, etc.).



Ideal for clubs, this brand offers analog racing sets with good grip, reducing drift and improving lap times. A lap counter from another brand can be added for races. They are now the replacements for the former Ninco track brand.

  • 100% analog racing sets without electronics.
  • The rails have good grip, which is good for clubs or rally-type races.
  • A lap counter from another brand will need to be added if you want to race (e.g., DS-Racing).

Scalextric Arc Pro

Scalextric ARC PRO

The most well-known Slot Car brand. Today it offers a wide range of products designed for both children and adults.

  • Allows you to play with both analog and digital cars on the same racing set without changing the powerbase.
  • Suitable for collectors with a large number of cars that cannot be digitized but who still want to play with new cars in digital.
  • The small track is better for limited spaces as the rails have a tighter curvature radius (good for winding tracks).
  • The rails are more flexible and easier to assemble. They are also stronger and less breakable.

Scalextric Arc Air

Scalextric ARC AIR

  • The analog racing set with the best features.
  • Allows for a lap counter (via a free app).
  • Power limitation for cars possible.
  • Allows for wireless controllers.

Which racing set should I buy?

  • Racing sets under €40 for children from 3 years old: We recommend Carrera FIRST. This range is economical and battery-operated (safe to leave available to a child).

  • Racing sets under €70 for children from 6 years old: We recommend Carrera GO!!!. This range is significantly larger than the "Micro" range from Scalextric, with a good selection of track extensions and many additional cars available for purchase.

  • When space is limited: We recommend Scalextric ARC. Scalextric rails are considerably smaller and available in tighter curve. This means you can generally fit more rails in a smaller space.

  • Large racing sets for older children and adults: We recommend Carrera DIGITAL 132 as the Carrera range is better equipped for digital features and offers the possibility to switch to 1:24 cars.

  • "Carrera Evolution" vs "Scalextric Standard": If you want to stay in analog, we recommend the Scalextric Standard range, which takes up less space while having the same features. You can even have additional car speed adjustment (on some sets).

  • "AFX Racing" vs. "Micro Scalextric": If you have to choose a set, we recommend AFX Racing sets as they offer the greatest variety of 1:64 rails. The price is slightly higher than Micro Scalextric because the sets are generally larger, but adults will have as much fun as young people, and it's a product that will last.

  • We have a considerable range of racing sets. We stock the complete range of AFX Racing, Carrera, Policar, and Scalextric sets, but also offer our own sets assembled by Slot Car-Union. Our high-budget sets generally offer much better value for money and a much more exciting track layout!

History and Evolution of Slot Racing

Slot racing emerged in the 1960s and evolved with the introduction of digital systems and more durable materials. Today, it combines tradition and technology to offer an immersive racing experience.