4 Race Car Number 4
System Analog
Transmission Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)
1/32 Scale 1/32

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Originally a 1984-1986 4-wheel drive Group B rally car, the famous Ford RS200 was extensively used in rallying and rallycross and can still be spotted in competition today.  The car was soon replicated as a standard road car as demand grew from motoring enthusiasts who wanted road going versions.  Many kit-car businesses have reproduced this iconic competition car from road use as well as for continued competition after Ford ceased production.

Power came from a 1.8 litre, single turbocharged Ford Cosworth "BDT" engine producing up to 450 horsepower (340kW) in racing trim.  Although the RS had the balance and poise necessary to be competitive, its power to weight ratio was poor by comparison, and its engine produced notorious low-RPM lag, making it difficult to drive.

The Scalextric Model

Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug.  This model features front and rear lights and an in-line mid-mounted motor.

Technical sheet



Race Car Number


Race Year






Compatible Analog


Compatible Digital

With C8515 Digital Plug (not included)

Guide blades type

Round Guide Blade C8329


Mabuchi SP 18 000 revolutions/minute


Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)

Gear ratio

11:36 (Pinion 11 teeth - Crown 36 teeth)


Headlights and tail lights


200 gr


Rectangular 2,5 mm


125 mm


78 mm

Tires size

Front 20(ext)/13(int) x 8 mm - Rear 20(ext)/13(int) x 8 mm

Axle width

Front 54 mm - Rear 54 mm


78 gr



Produit Upgrade

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Scalextric C8515 EasyFit Digital Plug
Réf : C8515
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Scalextric C8329 Round Guide Blade
Réf : C8329
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