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Numbered collector box and limited edition of 2000 copies.

Audi quattro

  • Team : Audi
  • Drivers : H Mikkola and A Hertz
  • Race : 54th Monte-Carlo Rally FIA World Rally Championship 1986

Audi won the FIA World Rally Championship in 1983 and 1984 and their impressive ground breaking four-wheel drive ‘quattro’ car went on to take many more victories and perhaps claimed its place as the most important rally car of the 20th century.

Lancia Delta S4

  • Team : Lancia
  • Drivers : Henri Toivonen and Sergio Cresto
  • Race : 54th Monte-Carlo Rally FIA World Rally Championship 1986

The #7 Lancia Delta S4 which Henri Toivonen drove to victory in the 1986 Monte Carlo Rally. The Delta S4, which was the replacement for the Lancia 037, took full advantage of the Group B rules.  It had a tubular space-frame chassis, a mid-mounted engine, and four-wheel drive.

Digital Plug Ready (DPR) - convert for use with the Scalextric Digital range in under sixty seconds using the C8515 Digital Plug.

Technical sheet



Compatible Analog


Carrera DIGITAL conversion

Carson 500707130

Scalextric Digital conversion

Scalextric C8515

Guide blades type

Round Guide Blade C8329


Headlights and tail lights



Vehicles provided




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