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High quality thinner for acrylic paints. Use it for maximum performance with the airbrush and prevent the paint jamming or clogging. You can use it with brush too. Use our Perfect Cleaner AK119 to clean the airbrushes and brushes.

100ml bottle.


We have evolved and revolutionized the rules that governed acrylic paints, allowing to present the third generation acrylics at the service of the world of scale modeling and fine arts. These paints feature high opacity and pigmentation, and they are specially formulated to be applied by brush and airbrush to scale models and miniatures made of resin, plastic or metal.

We needed to improve the acrylic paints available on the market thus far:
Acrylic colors have been widely used by modelers. They have great advantages such as the absence of toxicity, but these paints have not yet been able to offer comprehensive functionality due to grip deficiencies, clogging in the tip of the airbrush or coverage problems. We took on the challenge of maintaining their advantages, solving their issues and improving their characteristics. Now you have the solution. After a long time developing and perfecting new formulas in the laboratory we wanted to show you the results. Painting with acrylics will no longer be the same...


    New formula featuring high performance resins and high quality components. The paints are made in accordance with European regulations, thus ensuring that no harmful substances are used that could pose a risk to the health of the user and the environment.
    The paint is prepared to be applied directly from the bottle by brush, without getting tired of shaking as another of its advantages is the incorporation of special anti-decanters that prevent the separation of the paint components within the bottle.
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    Once dry, the colors are permanent and waterproof. They are resistant to oils, enamels, washes, solvents or any potentially aggressive technique. They are easily applied without hiding the finest details of the figures or scale models. Our new formula offers adhesion and resistance up to twice as much as other paints in the market.
    Are you tired of experiencing clogging in the airbrush with acrylic paints, having cuts in the stroke or getting sandy paint? One of the advantages of the third generation formula is that we have solved these problems and improved the performance.
    High opacity and water-based pigmentation that overcome any other product in the market. Current paints contain cellulose and resins that cause them, even when diluted, not cover or clog in the airbrush. We have created a new formula for brush and airbrush painting avoiding this problem, getting a short drying time, a matt finish and an intense tone.
    It comes in a 17ml bottle with dropper and its weight is 35gr. The patented design of the cap allows to deposit paint and see the exact tone in vertical position, allowing a fast and exact identification.
    236 state-of-the-art colors, the most extensive range in the market for acrylic colors in which you will find a solution whatever your specialty is. Made with a technologically superior formula for painting with a brush or an airbrush. No toxic elements, very high pigmentation, ideal for scale models, miniatures and modeling in general.

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100 ml

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