System Analog
Motor mount Anglewinder
Transmission Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)
1:32 Scale 1:32

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NSR's new C8.R Corvette has arrived on the slot scene, with an incredible push toward cutting-edge technology and top-level performance!
Behind this amazing car has been a tremendous amount of research and development, with every detail aimed at maximizing performance on the track to make it the fastest GT3 on the circuit, and the results are astounding.

Such extreme performance was possible because of a number of factors we worked on in parallel.

The advanced materials and cutting-edge construction technologies employed enabled us to develop a body with minimal thickness and to be able to do careful work on weight distribution and consequently the car's center of gravity to ensure maximum stability even at high speeds.

But that's not all: body stiffness has been reduced to ensure superior performance on the track. Through a series of technical measures, body torsion has been maximized, allowing for greater stability and grip during cornering.

In addition, several innovative materials were used for some components to further promote the overall performance of the car, including implementing the anti-breakage system on the wing.
The result of all this is a car 10 percent lighter than the McLaren and one that is ready to dominate every stretch of track without compromise.
In short, the new C8.R Corvette is a concentrate of advanced research, extraordinary performance, and eye-catching design that make it the highest performing gt3 NSR ever.

The C8.R Corvette is available in anglewinder or sidewinder configurations.
The AW motor is a King 21K EVO/3 magnetic effect at 21,400 rpm @ 12 volts 350 g-cm. The SW motor is a Shark 25,000 rpm - 176 g-cm @ 12V.

The special aluminium rims with AIR SYSTEM technology, along with soft compound tyres, give an exceptional grip on any kind of track surface. 3/32” 60 HRC steel axles Aluminum rims with Air System technology.

Description of spare parts

Technical sheet



Race Year

Out of competition





Compatible Analog


Carrera DIGITAL conversion

FT-Slottechnik SCD2022

Scalextric Digital conversion SP15c

Motor mount



Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)

Gear ratio

13:31 (Pinion 13 teeth - Crown 31 teeth)






144 mm


31,1 mm


64,9 mm


84 mm



Year of Production


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