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These ultra-durable, to-scale, multi-logo stickers look good just about anywhere – except your car bumper…you’re better than that.

Now with a blast from the AFX past, these newly designed stickers are made from heavy gauge vinyl for maximum durability. A sharp and shiny black background features 4 separate logo designs in bright, beautiful color graphics. Don’t worry, you’ll still get plenty of stickers with the internationally accepted symbol for quality and performance in HO scale racing: the AFX Logo.

Perfect for your HO track as a 3’ x 8’ scale banner on the AFX Catch Fence and ARMCO Barrier OR even better, everywhere else! Get creative: tool boxes, computers, shower curtains, your kid’s soccer trophy, the coffee machine at work, your thermos, your friend’s thermos – just do us a favor and DON’T use it as a bumper sticker…you’re better than that.

These stickers are also great outdoors.

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