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Ninco presents its new Quadrone Max Cam with an VGA camera and a stability and incredible maneuverability. Drone Four-channel with gyroscope. 2.4GHz radio to mitigate the interference and increase the distance flight. Includes all the features to ensure perfect control.

One of the few giant drones possessing a real camera. The power of its engines associated with an electronic on top of modernity allows aerobatics such as flips, curls of 360º... in your living room in your room or outside.

The starts and stops of the camera are from a specific button on the transmitter and the recording is on a 2GB MicroSD card (included). The camera can also take pictures with another button on the remote control. Playback of recorded data is done on the computer using a USB adapter that is included with the drone. You can mount a GoPro type camera on chassis.

  • Drone with 2,4 Ghz radio and LCD screen
  • Long flying time : 5-7min
  • Control range : < 100m
  • Designed to be used inside and outside
  • Multidirectional et 4 channels, maximal stability (6-axis giro)
  • AC charger, 2GB MicroSD card and USB adapter included
  • Mode of flying Standard or Expert
  • 4 Motors
  • With blades as spare parts included
  • With lights
  • You can mount a GoPro type HD camera on chassis

Battery Requirements : x6 AA/LR6 (not supplied).

Technical sheet

Outside diameter

520 mm


300 gr



Type of transmitter


RC Channels


Main rotor diameter

200 mm



Power supply

7,4 Volts --- 850 Milliampere

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