Circuit de Monaco Scalextric Digital

: SCU-scalex-monaco

New version 2017

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Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit laid out on the city streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine around the harbour of the principality of Monaco. It is commonly referred to as "Monte Carlo" because it is largely inside the Monte Carlo neighbourhood of Monaco.

The circuit is used on one weekend in the month of May of each year to host the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. Formula One's respective feeder series over the years – F2, Formula 3000 and today GP2 – also visit the circuit concurrently with Formula One.

The Scalextric Digital Model by Slot Car-Union

With this pack assembled by Slot Car-Union you can race with 6 cars (not included) at the same time creating the entirety the original circuit into your home. We provide you a complete Scalextric ARC PRO circuit with all the tracks, lane changes, pit lane, 4 controllers and 1 transformer that will allow you to play with 4 players in Digital thanks to Scalextric ARC PRO powerbase (to play 6 players you can add 2 additional C8438 controllers).

  • The set comes with the amazing Powerbase DIGITAL C8435 ARC PRO you will see the advanced features on the corresponding product sheet.
  • A compatible smart device and ARC application are required to display the information of races and for have the advanced powerbase features.
  • With track material available from Scalextric, this circuit is similar to the original actual circuit.
  • In order to help you to reproduce the layout, you can use the plan included in downloads that you can then print.
  • This complete circuit allows you to enjoy a discount compared to the price you would pay if you had to buy the items individually.
  • There may be additional elements remaining available after you have finished assembling your circuit ; keep them if you want to extend your track in the future.

The digital cars are not provided to enable you to make your own choice, so if you need vehicles don't forget to add them into your order.

Fiche technique

  • 系统
  • 兼容数字
  • 兼容模拟
  • 轨道数
  • 所需空间
    430 x 370 cm
  • 轨道平均长度
    17,50 m
  • 长巷1
    16,12 m
  • 长巷2
    16,13 m
  • 提供车辆
  • 玩家人数
    4 +
  • Powerbase
    Scalextric C8435 ARC PRO Powerbase
  • Wireless Controllers
  • 电源
    15 Volts --- 4 Amperes
  • 规模

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