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Carrera GO!!! PLUS 66004 Night Chase Set Увеличить

Carrera GO!!! PLUS 66011 Police Chase Set

: 20066011

High-speed chases

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  • Wireless Controllers
  • 1/43



Faster than the law! The cult American 2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 'Sheriff' in its US police livery gives chase to the Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé Solarbeam with the bright golden paintwork. Racing fans of all ages can make thrilling car chases even more exciting with the numerous race modes available via the Carrera GO!!! Plus App. Carrera GO!!! Plus racetrack training, 1 player challenge and car chase mode take the fun of racing to a new level. The extra-long 10.4-metre circuit offers a loop and a junction, and the two steep bends must be navigated at top speed by both protagonists to have a chance of being first over the line.

Complete set containing :

  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 64031 2015 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 "Sheriff"
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 64119 Mercedes-AMG GT Coupé solarbeam
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! PLUS 61662 Connecting Section
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! and GO!!! PLUS 61663 Electronic Speed Controller
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61531 Transformer 14,8V - 0,7 Amp
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61613 Looping Set
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61616 Junction
  • x1 Carrera GO!!! 61610 Narrow
  • Carrera Barrier Security
  • Carrera GO!!! 88303 Fasteners for Barriers
  • Carrera GO!!! 88185 Track Connection Clips
  • Carrera GO!!! Easy-Clip Support Rail
  • x2 Carrera GO!!! 88104 Guides
  • x4 Carrera GO!!! 61510 Double Braid
  • x1 Instruction manual


Even more fun & excitement on the racetrack

Carrera GO!!! Plus guarantees even more action on the racetrack in the usual scale of 1:43. The innovative connection track with an integrated speaker and Bluetooth chip is one of the product's highlights and creates the connection for games of skill in your own Carrera GO!! Plus app.

Up to 2 drivers simultaneously
Up to 2 drivers simultaneously
From age 6
From age 6
Track system in scale 1:43
Track system in scale 1:43
Cars in scale 1:43
Cars in scale 1:43
At the push of a button turbo speed
At the push of a button turbo speed
Action Accessories
Action Accessories
Cars with lights (model dependent)
Cars with lights (model dependent)
GO!!! Plus App
GO!!! Plus App
Race Modes
Race Modes
Ghost Car
Ghost Car


GO!!! Plus benefits at a glance :

Different racing modes
The little pilots have plenty to do with the various new racing modes.
Thanks to unique technology, the new connection track also allows for wild car chases and action-packed races in single-player mode as well as classic lap races. The choice of race modes can easily be adjusted using a slider.

Rapid chase
One quarry – one chaser: the racing cars engage in exciting chases on high-speed straights, loops and fly-overs. The aim is to catch up with the second vehicle on the racing track before the fanfare signals the end of the race. Hours and hours of racing pleasure at full throttle is pre-programmed.

Training mode
Young drivers can now complete their training laps in free driving or lap limits in order to improve their driving skills on the Carrera racetrack.

Single-player mode – one-driver challenge against yourself
Thanks to Carrera GO!!! Plus, driving fun is in no short supply when playing on your own. In the single-player challenge, drivers race against their own driving skill and the intelligent ghost car in a dual – no matter what racing mode. An individually driven lap for the second vehicle is saved as a reference lap for this – the level of difficulty can be configured as desired and for your personal driving skills.

App connectivity for digital action on the racing track
With the new and free Carrera GO!!! Plus app, young drivers now have the option to continue the game play in the digital world. Smartphones or tablets can be connected to the connection track via Bluetooth and off you go. Action-packed and fun games like wiping dizzy flies off the visor of the driver's helmet, waking up sleeping mechanics and much more show just how smart the racetrack has become. An exciting Carrera race is randomly selected for the drivers from one of the many games of skill. Only once the game has been successfully completed can full throttle again by given on the track.

Sounds during the race
Thematic and game-related sounds sound from a built-in speaker. The acoustic elements accompany the pilot throughout the course of the game.

Start sequences/fanfare

Accompanying game sounds, authentic engine noise, etc.

Sounds when configuring settings
For even more action and racing feeling there is also the option to connect external speakers via a jack plug.


  • система
  • Совместимость цифровой
  • Совместимость Аналоговый
  • Oсвещение
    мигающие огни
  • пространство, необходимое
    275 x 127 cm
  • Средняя длина трека
    10,40 m
  • Транспортные средства, предоставленные
  • Количество игроков
  • Powerbase
    Carrera GO!!! PLUS 61662 Connecting Section
  • Wireless Controllers
  • источник питания
    14,8 Volts --- 0,3 Amperes
  • шкала
  • Год выпуска

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