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Slotdevil 200352360 2,38mm Front steel axis 60mm groove/locking (1 pc) Visualizza ingrandito

Slotdevil 200352350 2,38mm Steel front axle 50mm with groove/locking (1 pc)

: 200352350

Allows to have independent rotating front wheels

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Standard steel axle with milled groove and snap ring. On one side, a rim is attached as usual with a grub screw. On the other hand, a rim is simply pushed loosely onto the axle and only secured with the snap ring. This rim can now rotate independently of the other rim on the axle and still not fall off. The driving behavior is noticeably better thanks to this "pseudo independent wheel suspension". Most of the regulations are satisfied, as they usually only stipulate a "continuous, solid metal axis".

Thickness : Medium
The diameter of these axles is in the middle range and most of the ball bearings fit on the axles without any problems, but still with a relatively good sliding fit. Couples that are too loose and too tight can happen. If there is an axis and two bearings, and one or both bearings do not want to go on this axis, only 1-2 thousandths of a mm have to be ground off. That works relatively easily. Clamp the axis in the drill, switch it on, hold fine sandpaper on it for a few seconds, cool the axis again (important!) And then test again. Repeat 1-2 times if necessary, then it fits perfectly. However, if several axes and several bearings are available, grinding is usually not necessary. Simply slide each existing bearing briefly onto each axis and test the fit. In this way, perfectly matching pairings can be found with almost certainty, without any grinding.

Why independently rotating front wheels?
Slot cars usually have solid axles at the front and both wheels are firmly connected to one another. Both wheels can therefore only turn at the same speed. In a curve, however, the inner wheel has to turn a little slower than the outer wheel. Since this is not possible with a rigid connection, there is tension between the inner and outer wheels and the two wheels have to make up for the difference in speed by slipping. This sliding acts like a light front wheel brake in the curve. the more grip the front wheels have, the more it brakes when cornering. Therefore, the front wheels should have as little grip as possible on rigid axles. It looks completely different when the front wheels can turn independently of each other. Then the braking effect is gone and you can (or should ??) use the front wheels with the highest possible grip. We have no reliable knowledge of what is better and when. The testimonials from our customers are quite different. Apparently it is clear that it can depend on the track whether the front rigid axle with hard tires, independent wheel suspension with hard tires or independent wheel suspension with soft tires is the better solution for this particular track. What brings noticeable improvements on one track can turn into the opposite on the other.

Scheda tecnica

  • Diametro esterno
    2,38 mm
  • Lunghezza
    50 mm
  • Scala

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