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Slot Classic CJ45 Mercedes 300SL Le Mans '52

: CJ45-RTR

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  • 22

    Race Número de coches
  • Soporte del motor
  • Transmisión
    Tracción trasera
  • 1/32



Numbered and limited edition to 500 units.

Handmade high quality slot car ready to run with professional finish and "CARTRIX" motorization.

Bodywork, chassis and pilot's panel fabricated in high quality resin of polyurethane with great resistance to impacts. The models are completed with parts made in photoengraving, nickelated white metal, crystal, plate glasses in PVC. Tyres and spokes are self-made. Besides, the drivers are based on the model's era, which gives a particular and artistic touch to the differents models.


One of the most important cars of the late post-war years was doubtlessly the innovative Mercedes 300SL.

Thanks to the excellent commitment from the german engineers, the 300SL prototypes were unbeatable not only in speed racetracks but also in road competitions, quite prestigious back then.

The most impressive feature from the first prototype were the doors fixed to the central part of the roof, which could be opened upwards and therefore would be nicked as "Gull-wing doors".

In its first version, the doors just reached the lower end of the windows to preserve the stiffness of the car frame, thought later they would be changed in order to improve the way to the inside.

The model we have chosen is quite peculiar among the mutations of these cars. It was an attempt to improve the limited brake system which they lacked from the beginning.

It's the chassis number 006 with plate number W83-3146, which was used as test car in the training session of the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans from 1952, showing up with a spectacular aerodynamic brake, consisting of a aileron which leaned through an hydraulic system over two turrets located in the back side of the roof.

In spite of its impressive looks, its utility was quite unsatisfactory, in great part because of important technical design flaws. Though finally it wasn't used in the race it would be the seed of a design change which would give fantastic results for Mercedes in their later SLR models.

With this reproduction Slot Classic would like to close the set of versions for this successful model. We hope you enjoy it very much.

Ficha técnica

  • Marca
  • Race Número de coches
  • Año de Carrera
  • Color
  • Sistema
  • Soporte del motor
  • Motor
  • Transmisión
    Tracción trasera
  • Gear ratio
    9:27 (Pinion 9 teeth - Crown 27 teeth)
  • Iluminación
  • Longitud
    132 mm
  • Altura
    40 mm
  • Profundidad
    56 mm
  • Peso
    100 gr
  • Escala
  • Año de Producción

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