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Busch 7206 Terrain Construction System

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Contents: 15 universal plug connectors and 5 honeycomb plates (420 x 297 x 8 mm). With contents of this low-priced set, a stable base for mountains, tunnel, ramps, etc. can be constructed.

Terrain construction system with honeycomb building plates
Busch announces a new development which offers the possibility of rapidly creating cleanly and simply complete landform bases from mountains and landscapes to fields and valleys. The system is suitable for use by both model railroaders and for classical diorama builders.

The center of the system is the new plastic "universal plug connector." Up to eight model construction plates (8mm thick) can be put into different angles. In this way, horizontal levels, perpendicular walls or slopes can be established.

As a result of built-in joints on the connectors, additional options are available. The unused fixing clips can be broken off and used elsewhere. This also means the builder is able to have a smooth finish at the outside edges of the form.

And it is simple to use: The model construction honeycomb plates (special kraft cardboard with reinforcing honeycomb structure) are cut for platforms, track levels, etc. with a knife. Then the honeycomb plates are plugged together with the universal plug connectors. Using the plug system, changes are in the landform are possible at any time. In order to stabilize the underbody, the universal plug connectors are provided with boreholes used to screw or glue the form to the framework or base material. Gluing the honeycomb plates provides additional stability. Rock forms, etc., are defined with the new model construction expanded polystyrene blocks. The further refinement of the terrain takes place proceeds with traditional wire mesh, gypsum fabric and mortar.

The construction is extremely simple, so even younger landscape builders can obtain successes very quickly. The system is suitable for all usual scales. The universal plug connectors are made of pollution-free recyclable plastic.

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