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FT-Slottechnik Classic Digital Decoder for Carrera

: SCD1044

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    1 Decoder with connecting cables and IR diode
    1 Support for IR diode
    3 Cables for light with soldered jacks
    1 Instruction guide

    Technical data
    Minimum operating voltage: 12,0 Volt DC
    Maximum operating voltage: 18,5 Volt DC
    Size (L x W x H): 18 x 28 x 8 mm
    Net weight: 3 g

    Special functions
    Front light, taillight and separate brake light
    No accidental transcoding while driving
    Stronger braking

    A Safetycar or Pacecar function is not integrated. The pitlane function is only possible using the CU 30352 of Carrera.

    Installation instructions
    The decoder has to be fixed, e.g. by mirror adhesive tape (not included), into the chassis at the appropriate place. For mounting the IR diode a hole with a diameter of 3.0 mm has to be drilled in range of the front third and seen from above 12.5 mm left of the centerline of the chassis. The enclosed support for the IR diode has to be glued into the chassis in the region of the drilled hole and the IR diode hast to be mounted therein (hot glue recommended).
    The decoder has separate connections for rear light and brake light. To use the built-­‐in rear-­‐ / brake light function on the rear light connection the soldering points (red framed on Figure 1) on the bottom of the decoder must be connected.

    Decoder connections
    Braids: Cable black = - / red = +, without plugs, tinned
    IR diode: Cable black = - / red = +, IR diode soldered
    Motor: Cable grey = - / purple = +, without plugs, tinned
    Light: Plugs for enclosed light cords

    Attaching a suppression capacitor parallel to the motor terminals (47-­‐100 nanofarads -­‐ not included).
    Using series 3mm Standard LEDs in white or red with upstream resistance for better appearance (680Ω for white and 330Ω for red -­‐ not included).

    Main Functions
    To change settings the slotcar hast to be placed on the track in driving direction. Any change in the programming is confirmed by fast flashing lights. Any settings remain stored until a new programming is carried.

    Encoding to an according speed controller
    Start the encoding process by pressing the CODE button on the CU and complete the process by pressing the lane change button on the speed controller.
    In the case of encoding by double pressing the lane change button on the speed controller please note a short break between the clicks (about 0.5 seconds). Furthermore, the vehicle must be de-­‐energized at least 3 seconds before each encoding. The introduction of the encoding process is visually signaled by fast flashing lights after the first double pressing the lane change button on the speed controller.

    Setting the basic speed
    By pressing the SPEED button on the CU select the desired speed level and confirm by pressing the ENTER button on the CU.

    Setting the braking effect
    By pressing the BRAKE button on the CU select the desired braking level and confirm by pressing the ENTER button on the CU.

    Light on/off
    The slotcar must be located at least 3 seconds at a standstill on the track. Then the light can be switched on or off by pressing the lane change button on the speed controller.

    Ficha técnica

    • Longitud
      28 mm
    • Altura
      8 mm
    • Profundidad
      18 mm
    • Peso
      3 gr
    • Fuente de alimentación
      12 - 18,5 Volts

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