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Kyosho Marca

Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 Sports 2 Ferrari 575 GTC Red (W-RM/KT19)

: K.32239R

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    Tracción trasera
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Highly anticipated MR-03 chassis + 2.4GHz Readyset!

Front suspension optimizes camber angle in concert with stroke. Thoroughly low center of gravity design. Powerful drive train. No detailed overlooked to create the strongest MINI-Z Racer MR-03 chassis. Exceptional performance is now available in a Readyset for everyone to enjoy! Requires no frequency band selection and up to 40 cars can be run together at the same time. Also compatible with all MINI-Z Racer scale bodies. With the user-friendly features of a Sports version, the dynamic racing performance from its MR-03 base becomes immediately obvious as soon as you drive. This is the true essence of the MINI-Z. The chassis features a connector for the installation of a special light unit (Not Included) that lights up/flashes headlights and taillights in response to throttle and brake control. This is no cheap gimmick but scale realism in its most complete sense. MINI-Z Racer Sports MR-03 Readyset brings performance and style within easy reach for everyone to experience and enjoy!

  • Features Perfex KT-19 transmitter. Steering volume adjustment possible.
  • Factory assembled with quality finish suitable for interior display.
  • All MINI-Z Racer bodies can be installed. *Requires compatible motor case and diff gear assembly.
  • Features unique front suspension (VCS) that delivers optimum camber change in concert with suspension stroke.
  • Spring stopper can be detached with just two screws for easy replacement of coil spring on front suspension.
  • A huge variety of parts for MR-03 chassis can be installed.
  • Optional gyro unit (MZW431) can be installed. Adjust the gyro’s sensitivity through the volume control on the chassis.
  • Also, this model is specially designed for the KT-19 transmitter so there is no compatibility with the former KT-18 transmitter/EX-5UR ASF transmitter (No.82011).

Battery Requirements (not supplied) :

  • x4 AAA/LR3 or Ni-MH batteries for chassis.
  • x4 AAA/LR3 or Ni-MH batteries for transmitter.

Ficha técnica

  • Marca
  • Color
  • Motor
    classe 130
  • Transmisión
    Tracción trasera
  • Gear ratio
    7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
  • Iluminación
    Opcional con el Kit MZW429R
  • Longitud
    124~133mm (MM Chassis:125~133mm, RM Chassis:124~132mm)
  • Altura
  • Profundidad
  • Distancia entre ejes
    86~106mm (86, 90, 94, 98, 102, 106)
  • Neumáticos Traseros
  • Neumáticos Delanteros
  • Anchura del eje
    (Wide)61.5mm / 59mm (Narrow) 56.5mm / 56.5mm [when wheel offset is 0]
  • Peso
    135g (approx.)
  • Tipo de transmisor
  • Fuente de alimentación
    x4 AAA/LR3 Batteries (not supplied)
  • Escala
  • Año de Producción

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