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Bowser's Castle Carrera DIGITAL 143 Set

: SCU-bowserscastle

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Bowser's Castle is a race course in Mario Kart 64, which takes place in the burning castle Bowser.

The Carrera DIGITAL 143 model by Slot Car-Union

With this pack assembled by Slot Car-Union you can entirely recreate the original circuit into your home. We provide you a complete Carrera DIGITAL 143 circuit with all the tracks, lane changes, accessories, 3 wireless controllers and transformer that will allow you to play with three players on Carrera DIGITAL 143.

  • With track material available from Carrera, this circuit is similar to the original that you can find in the video game.
  • In order to help you to reproduce the layout, help you with the plan included in downloads that you can then print.
  • Save time in the development of your project, size and characteristics of the circuit are all indicated.
  • This complete circuit allows you to enjoy a discount compared to the price you would pay if you had to buy the items individually.
  • There may be additional elements remaining available after you have finished assembling your circuit ; keep them if you want to extend your track in the future.

Cars are not provided to enable you to make your own choice, so if you need vehicles don't forget to add them into your order.


Order digital 1:43 Carrera tracks online

The DIGITAL 143 tracks offer individually codeable, digitally-controlled vehicles as well as child-friendly technology for racing drivers from 6 years of age. Attractive vehicle licenses and racing themes are waiting with Formula 1 or DTM! The DIGITAL 143 racing track can be continually extended with straights and curves as track material on a scale of 1:43.

Up to 3 drivers simultaneously
Up to 3 drivers simultaneously
From age 6
From age 6
Track system in scale 1:43
Track system in scale 1:43
Cars in scale 1:43
Cars in scale 1:43
Action Accessories
Action Accessories
Lane changing & overtaking possible
Lane changing & overtaking possible
Cars with lights (model dependent)
Cars with lights (model dependent)


The tracks 1:43 :
Carrera DIGITAL 143 can be continually extended with Carrera GO!!! basic track material.
Stable track structure thanks to height-adjustable supports.
Red and white edge strip printing in the curves.

The vehicles 1:43 :
Individually codeable, digitally-controlled vehicles.
Solid, sturdy, child-friendly technology for racing drivers from 6 years of age.
All vehicles have double drag contacts.
Detailed vehicles that are faithful to the originals, stamp printed.
Attractive vehicle licenses and racing themes


DIGITAL 143 benefits at a glance :

  • Real tactical racing track games on a scale of 1:43 thanks to lane changing and overtaking options.
  • Up to 3 vehicles on a track at the same time.
  • Lane changes and overtaking at the touch of a button with FULL SPEED.
  • Simple vehicle coding using the manual control unit.
  • Action accessories from Carrera GO!!! predominantly usable.
  • Solid, sturdy, child-friendly technology for racing drivers from 6 years of age.

Digital extras for action, tension & fun

Digital extras for action, tension & fun

If the Ferrari drives into the loop, the Mercedes proves its ability on the car racing track via the ski jump or the BMW overtakes the opponent at full speed in the lane change curve – then you can experience pure motorsport feeling at home. But that's not all: The wide range of accessories will get any racing driver's heart beating faster. Digital features are waiting for Carrera users: From the DIGITAL 143 lap counter, to the black box and the digital switches, you will find many more extras in the online store that will make every competition on the tracks more exciting. Assorted extension sets allow the track to be extended however you want with straights, curves and lane changes. The DIGITAL 143 racing tracks are also spruced up with fences and guardrail.
Spare parts for the DIGITAL 143 series can also be found and ordered in the online store.

Fiche technique

  • Sistema
  • Análoga Compatible
  • Digital Compatible
  • Espacio requerido
    165 x 255 cm
  • Longitud media de la pista
    9,00 m
  • Longitud carril 1
    9,12 m
  • Longitud carril 2
    9,12 m
  • Vehículos provistos
  • Número de jugadores
  • Powerbase
    Carrera DIGITAL 143 42013 2.4 GHz WIRELESS+
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Fuente de alimentación
    14,8 Volts --- 0,3 Amperes
  • Escala

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