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: SCP301a

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  • Wireless Controllers


Compatible with ALL SCP Cartridges
Compatible with Scalextric AIR/PRO (requires wireless software updates)
Battery NOT included


The SCP-3 is a speed controller for slot cars. It reads the trigger position using a contactless, friction free sensor, with linear magnetic trigger position readout. It is directly compatible, via the built-in 2.4 GHz wireless interface, with digital oXigen and Scalextric ARC AIR/PRO systems. Like its predecessor SCP-2, it features an interchangeable cartridge system, to connect to analog systems.

Warranty: two years from the date of activation. Before usage, the SCP-3 must be connected to a Android or iOS phone and "activated", that is, the date of its first use is written into the controller’s memory and in database. We recommend to keep the receipt anyway, in case the SCP-3 cannot be caontacted via radio anymore.

This device complies with RoHS directive. Do not immerse this controller in water.
The name SCP comes from the nickname SeCaPelo (Secapelo=Hairdryer) that was given to early controllers.
This controller is Made in Italy.


Before ANY further action, the SCP-3 must be ACTIVATED with the APP. Without activation the SCP-3 will not work. What is the activation? Very simply, via Bluetooth, the APP reads the network ID (known as MAC) of the controller, writes permanently the current date in the SCP-3 memory, and saves the following data: your email, the controller MAC, the activation date, the firmware version, and the device name in a cloud database that can access. The same data is available on the APP.

The activation date is the date used for warranty. Regardless of when you bought the controller, and of availability of the purchase receipt, we consider a two years period from the day you actually start using your device – which is the activation date.

As we develop the APP further, it will become an indispensable companion to the SCP-3, extending its capabilities, with more advanced features becoming avaible.

The app is also the tool used to update the firmware of your controller to the latest version, or to switch to a different one – you can easily reprogram the SCP3 from being an oXigen controller to a to a Scalextric ARC AIR/PRO and viceversa.

BATTERY SELECTION (for 2.4GHz oXigen / ARC SSD wireless systems)

The SCP-3 can be powered by an optional Li-Po battery which may be stored inside the handle, in place of the cartridge. If powered by the battery, the SCP-3 becomes a wireless, untethered device directly compatible with oXigen and Scalextric SSD digital systems.

LiPo batteries can be damaged if allowed to discharge below a safety threshold. Our electronics incorporates a circuit which protects the battery against over discharging.

The battery inside the SCP-3 can be charged like the battery of a normal mobile phone through the USB charger plug. The controller cannot be operated via USB battery charger power alone.

The 2.4 GHz radio section of the SCP-3 can also be used if the controller is powered via theSCP-3 power supply cartridge (SCP301c).

Data sheet

  • Compatible Analog
  • Compatible Digital
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Type of transmitter
  • Battery
    Option : Li-Po 3,7 Volts --- 750/1000 mAh

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