1 Race Car Number 1
System Analog
Motor mount Anglewinder
Transmission Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)
1/32 Scale 1/32

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Driver : Rinaldo Capello

The R18 TDI is a sportscar designed in 2011 by Audi, according to the Lmp1 regulations, to be engaged in the Le Mans 24 Hours and the World Endurance Championship. It is a closed cockpit car, a choice made as a consequence of the rules change introduced in 2011.

Each area of this car is designed for extreme reduction of weight; the minimum value of 900 kg required by regulations is reached by using ballasts. The carbon monocoque chassis is made in a single-piece; this solution is very light, but also very safe. The gearbox is 6-speeds, electrically actuated, built with large use of carbon fibre composite material. The whole headlights are made with LEDs.

The diesel engine is a V6, 120°, 3.7 liters displacement; fuel tank capacity is 65 liters. The engine uses a single turbo and exhaust pipe, that exits below the fin. The maximum power is 540 hp with air restrictions according to the rules, and the top speed about 335 kph. Monza is a very fast circuit, just like Le Mans, so teams often come here for testing before the 24 Hour race.
During these tests, cars don't pass through the first chicane, following the track that was used for races until the early seventies.

Files attached

Spare Parts Audi R18 TDI

Technical sheet



Race Car Number






Compatible Analog


Carrera DIGITAL conversion

Slot.it SP43

Scalextric Digital conversion

Slot.it SP15b

Motor mount



MN09ch Flat-6 20 500 revolutions/minute


200 g*cm


Rear-wheel-drive (rear 2 wheels)

Gear ratio

11:28 (Pinion 11 teeth - Crown 28 teeth)








150 mm


34 mm


93 mm

Tires size

Front PT1159C1 - Rear PT1152C1

Axle width

Front 64 mm - Rear 64 mm


79 gr



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