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Carrera DIGITAL 132 Double Rivals Wireless Set

: SCU-double-rivals

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With this Double Rivals circuit pack assembled by Slot Car-Union, you will have a Carrera circuit of 12 linear meters for a reduced footprint of 290x165cm and which will allow you to play with 2 players in Carrera DIGITAL 132 (to play 6 players you can add additional controllers).

The set is delivered with :

  • DTM Speed Memories Set D132 (30015) including 2 cars and 2 wireless controllers.
  • AppConnect (30369) is the race management system.
  • Pit Lane (30356) to refuel.
  • Position Tower (30357) to display the racing position of the cars.
  • 3 Lanes change track.
  • Full tracks and borders for the circuit.
  • 2 Pit garages (21104).

  • In order to help you to reproduce the layout, help you with the plan included in downloads that you can then print.
  • Save time in the development of your project, size and characteristics of the circuit are all indicated.
  • There may be additional elements remaining available after you have finished assembling your circuit ; keep them if you want to extend your track in the future.

Digital slot car tracks for the whole family

Experience digital technology with a vehicle scale of 1:32 with Carrera: Up to six vehicles can drive on the racing track at the same time and overtake the opponents by changing lanes using the DIGITAL 132 racing track system. Thanks to the digital features, you can experience the real racing feel on particularly wide racing tracks on a scale of 1:24.

Up to 6 drivers simultaneously
Up to 6 drivers simultaneously
From age 8
From age 8
Track system in scale 1:24
Track system in scale 1:24
Cars in scale 1:32
Cars in scale 1:32
Lane changing & overtaking possible
Lane changing & overtaking possible
Cars with lights (model dependent)
Cars with lights (model dependent)
Speed adjustable individually
Speed adjustable individually

The tracks 1:24 :

  • The wide track material from Carrera allows for optimum cornering with sensational drifts and power slide action.
  • Slot racing and overtaking in perfection: worldwide unique racing track system through the combination of tracks on a scale of 1:24 and digitally-controlled vehicles on a scale of 1:32.
  • Corrosion-free conductors through Nirosta stainless steel.
  • Rigid plastic for vibration-free driving.
  • Stable tracks with virtually gap-free transitions.
  • Springs track connection pieces for perfect track contact.

The vehicles 1:32 :

  • DIGITAL 132 vehicles are digitally-controlled and individually codeable.
  • All Carrera Digital 132 vehicles can be used on Carrera Evolution.
  • Detailed vehicles that are faithful to the originals, stamp printed.
  • Vehicles with realistic acceleration and braking behaviour.
  • Vehicles predominantly with front light and rear/brake light function.
  • Solid workmanship with bodywork.

DIGITAL 132 benefits at a glance :

  • Depending on the driver’s ability and skill, the speed can individually adjusted with up to 10 levels.
  • Simple vehicle coding using the manual control unit.
  • Vehicles can be used on Evolution.
  • Vehicles predominantly with front light and rear/brake light function.
  • Pace car and autonomous car function.
  • Adjustment option for the maximum speed and braking behaviour of the vehicles.
  • Pit stop lane as an accessory, maximum fuel tank capacity of the vehicles can be varied.
  • Can be continually extended with Carrera track material 1:24.

Fiche technique

  • System
  • Compatible Analog
  • Compatible Digital
  • Space required
    290 x 170 cm
  • Average lanes length
    12 m
  • Length lane 1
    12,22 m
  • Length lane 2
    11,59 m
  • Vehicles provided
  • Number of players
    2 +
  • Powerbase
    Carrera DIGITAL 30352 Control Unit
  • Wireless Controllers
  • Power supply
    14,8 Volts --- 3,5 Amperes
  • Scale
  • Ages

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