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SureChange CLASSIC guide for Scalextric Digital


Revolutionary guide for Ninco cars or older for never miss a lane change again

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We were fed up with our magless racing classes sliding just a little too much and missing sensors. Believe us - full speed pit entry when you are not expecting it is irritating for you and extremely annoying for the racer you just punted out of the pits in mid-refuelling. Add to that missed lane changes as racers exit bends with a little too much juice and the rewards of driving without magnets can be outweighed by the lane change disadvantages.

Even with magnets fitted, some of our better tuned Super Resistant cars, with standard 18k motors on treated tyres, were sliding and missing sensors.

So we felt we needed to do something and the idea of the SureChange guide was born. It’s simple really - you need your LED to stay over the centre of the slot in order to guarantee the sensors being able to read it. Putting the LED some way behind the guide means that a car that isn’t straight - isn’t showing its LED to the sensor. Scalextric lane changers stay where they were last changed to - so a sliding car has a 50/50 chance whether it will go straight or change lanes.

Our SureChange guide places the LED in the one place it is always over the centre of the slot - directly in front of the guide blade. So as long as you keep the car in the slot you will never miss a sensor.

The CLASSIC model

This is the original SureChange guide and is designed to fit older slot cars with the push-in guide and modern cars such as Ninco. The stem of this guide is long and can act as a direct replacement for the Ninco Sprung Guide (you need to reuse your Ninco spring). The stem can be easily trimmed to suit your application using a sharp craft knife and some care.

The stem diameter is the same as older Scalextric and current Ninco guide stems.

The braid fitment uses horizontal eyelets so you can route your guide wires forward or rearward facing.

With some cars you may need to trim the guide slightly or trim your chassis.

So far we have fitted this guide to a variety of Ninco1’s, a Ninco Scooby, Classic Scalextric, 260Z, Mini Cooper, Mini Clubman, M1, Taurus NASCAR (needed guide trimming), Autoart Carrera GT (needed chassis trimming).  You get the idea

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